Are you being paid fairly? Let's find out! 

How much are you making as a real estate assistant?

Every year, we collect salary data from real estate assistants across the United States. Then, we use it to create a guide to help you negotiate the best salary and benefits for your role! Contribute to the cause and help ensure that every admin is getting paid fairly.  

This year, we're giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky participant. Just fill out our anonymous, two-minute salary & benefit survey for your chance to win. We'll also send you the 2022 Real Estate Salary Guide before it's released! 


Click here to view the 2021 Real Estate Salary Guide.

Confidentially share your salary data & win!

Should you be asking for certain benefits? Are you getting paid more (or less) than your peers? Your feedback will help us find out.

Take this survey if you employed full time by an agent or team as a…

  • Real Estate Assistant

  • Transaction Coordinator

  • Operations Manager

  • Listing Coordinator

  • Transaction Manager

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Team Leader

  • Sales Manager

  • Director of Operations

  • Marketing Manager

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